Avica Consulting is Now Operating through PBX Engineering Ltd.

PBX Engineering Ltd. is a full-service consulting electrical engineering firm providing expertise for a diverse range of applications. Our suite of services covers the full life-cycle of projects and encompasses project management, design, specification, systems integration, costing, software development and field services.

We are viewed as subject experts in our fields of practice. Our solutions continually blend leading-edge technology with proven approaches that consistently result in industry-leading designs that stand the test of time.

Our breadth of expertise is wide and covers a vast spectrum of electrical engineering. Many of the design approaches used within one area of practice will overlap with another and we often leverage this overlap to solve complex design problems.  We take a high degree of pride in the work that we complete and are continually focused on ensuring we are providing the most innovative and practical solutions for our clients.

                  VICTORIA OFFICES                   VANCOUVER OFFICES

Address:     200-2612 Bridge Street               300-131 Water Street
                  Victoria, BC                               Vancouver, BC
                  V8T 4S9                                    V6B 4M3
                  Canada                                      Canada

Phone:        250.388.7222                             604.408.7222

Email:         info@pbxeng.com